Get Started

Here are a collection of demos and resources highlighting some of the possibilities enabled by our Audio SDK.

Use with your preferred Digital Audio Workstation

You can preview the Oculus Audio Spatializer in your choice of DAW with both VST and AAX plugins.


Audio SDK Plugins

Plugins for Unity, FMOD, and Wwise. Also includes DAW plugins with HMD support.

Spatializer Plugin for DAWs

VST and AAX plugins with HMD support. This allows sound designers to put on the Rift and preview spatialization in their DAW, hearing it in the HMD with head-tracking. Includes support for the Xbox gamepad and Oculus Touch. Also included in the Audio SDK.

Oculus Audio Pack

A collection of free, high-quality sound files optimized for VR experiences.

Oculus LipSync (Unity package)

This Unity package provides functionality to drive facial animations using audio. Great for use with social and VoIP services.

Unparalleled Sound

Spatial audio is a critical component of VR—it enhances the perception of size, space, and distance to improve immersion and presence. Whether you’re an aspiring sound designer or industry veteran, Oculus has audio tools, SDKs, and guides to help you build the ultimate VR experience.

State-of-the-art 3D audio for VR

Improve sound quality with minimal performance overhead through the Oculus Audio SDK. Includes HRTF (head-related transfer function), tailored to maximize spatial quality.

High performance on PC and mobile

The Oculus Audio SDK helps minimize CPU utilization, which saves valuable power—a high priority for all applications. Additionally, the algorithms have been designed to eliminate additional audio latency.

Easily integrate with game engines and audio middleware

Plugins for Wwise, FMOD, and Unity Native provide full functionality, including a room model for accurate distance cues.