A New Developer Home and Dashboard

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
November 19, 2020

We’re excited to share new updates to our Developer web experience with the redesigned Home and Dashboard. The Home update brings a new landing page, connecting you with recommended information and resources at the right time. The Dashboard update greatly improves our app submission flow and adds new features like the User Engagement Dashboard. Both updates are just the beginning, and we’ll continue to add more enhancements over time; please give us your feedback.


The new Developer Home is more streamlined and personalized than ever. As the Oculus developer platform and ecosystem grows, there are a lot of tools and information to support that growth. Some of these resources may be less relevant to your immediate development needs. The new home aims to cut through the noise and surface the most high value content based on where you are in the developer journey.

Today on Home, you can discover highlighted videos (like our new Oculus For Developer series) and top downloads of the tools you’re missing in your development workflow. Recommended and recent blogs keep you informed on any product updates or announcements from Oculus. There is also quick access to our Platform Roadmap, High Priority Issues, Bug list, and Forums so you can stay connected with what Oculus is actively working on and what other VR developers are saying. You’ll frequently see changes to Home as we continue to iterate and personalize the experience.

We’ve designed the new Developer Home to be the best place to get the latest news and top content for developers from Oculus on the web. To see the new Home experience, head to developer.oculus.com and sign in with your Oculus Developer account.


The Oculus Developer Dashboard has been redesigned to improve the developer experience and provide a foundation for new features that make app submission and site navigation easier and more intuitive.

The dashboard features the following new features:

  1. New design system that improves accessibility and versatility.

  2. Restructured Information Architecture (IA) that makes it easier to navigate between apps and puts features like Platform Services in a single, more discoverable location.

  3. Optimized app submission flow with consolidated steps, more intuitive and easy-to-use inputs, better contextual information, and better parity with Oculus Store review guidelines.

  4. A new User Engagement Dashboard that gives you access to important user behavior data and provides metrics on how people engage with your app.

We hope you love the new Home and Dashboard. Please let us know what you think!