August Monthly Tech Updates

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August 20, 2018

The latest updates from the Oculus software, integrations, and docs teams are now live! This month's major updates include new options for Platform, updates to Oculus LipSync Unity Integration, and more!

Platform SDK 1.28

  • Send Friend Requests from Apps - Initiating the friend request process from within apps is now supported in mobile apps. Please see the Sending Friend Requests from Apps page for more information.
  • New VoIP Options Available - The options to enable discontinuous transmission (DTX) and set the bit rate on new VoIP connections can now be configured. Please see “Setting VoIP Options – DTX and Bit Rate” on the Voice Chat (VoIP) page for more information.

Oculus Utilities for UNITY 1.28

  • Improved the manifest assist tool which manages VRC required attributes
  • Added support for obtaining the dominant hand the user has specified in device settings
  • Added support for re-centering the HMD when controller is re-centered
  • Added support for sorting OVROverlays according to their composition depth

Unreal Engine 4 integration 1.28

The Guardian API has been revamped with a completely new set of APIs. Previously, this functionality was provided in a BoundaryComponent. As of the 1.28 release, this functionality is part of the standard Oculus Library blueprint API.

Audio SDK

It is now much easier to use the Oculus LipSync Unity Integration. Oculus Lipsync is a tool used to sync avatar lip movements to speech sounds. Oculus Lipsync analyzes an audio input stream from a microphone input or an audio file, and either offline or in real-time predicts a set of values (called visemes) which may be used to animate the lips of an avatar.

  • Added a new method for lip sync which has a slower run-time but provides significantly enhanced accuracy and is more robust against non-speaker noise.
  • Added the ability to switch between the ”Original” and new “Enhanced” lip sync methods.
  • Usability improvements:
    • Improved Prefabs
    • Tooltips are now available for all UI options
    • No longer consumes keyboard inputs by default
  • The documentation also describes how to use audio spatialization in conjunction with LipSync. This must be done properly, or the audio spatialization process will interfere with the lip sync functionality.
  • For more information, please see Note: A similar update is planned in the near future for the Oculus LipSync Unreal Integration.

Avatar SDK 1.28

In this latest release, we fixed an avatar height configuration issue on mobile.

Now, if you update to the latest OvrPlugin (1.27+), configure your avatars with Floor Level Tracking on your OvrCameraRig. Place the transform of your avatar where the base should be. Previously, two issues could occur depending on your setup: very tall avatars with a long cone, or short avatars with no cone.

Mobile SDK 1.16

The 1.16 release now exposes experimental Vulkan support for the Oculus Go alongside the following API changes:

API Changes

  • Android gamepad events will now be eaten in the lower-level system, since they are exposed through the Input API. This behavior can be changed by setting the ovrProperty VRAPI_EAT_NATIVE_GAMEPAD_EVENTS to false. If this property is set to false on native activity apps, they must handle the events.
  • The default behavior for recenter is to now additionally recenter the headset for applications built with 1.16.0 and higher. This behavior can be disabled by setting the ovrProperty VRAPI_REORIENT_HMD_ON_CONTROLLER_RECENTER to false.
  • VrApi Vulkan entry points and structure types are now exposed. See the new VrCubeWorld_Vulkan sample for example API usage.

Oculus On the Road

We always love meeting you in person. Here are some events we'll be attending. Hope to see you there!

  • We will be onsite at Gamescom 2018 from August 22-25 in Cologne, Germany.
  • We'll be joining Indie Megabooth at PAX West in Seattle from Aug 31 - Sep 3. You can check out the full line up, including 6 of our VR devs here.
  • This October, head down to Unite LA to meet with the team! We'll be on the show floor to chat all things Oculus Start and meet with you 1:1 during office hours.

Oculus Connect 5

The Oculus Connect 5 registration and schedule is live! Check out the latest session line up and register to join us in San Jose on September 26 - 27.

Oculus Start

Oculus Start is our developer program providing qualifying developers with access, support and savings so you can focus on what's really important - creating inspired VR applications. We are continuing to accept applications and are excited to see what you submit!

If you'd like to join Oculus Start, head over to to see if you qualify.

- The Oculus Team