Build and Engage Your Community with Developer Posts

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 3, 2019

We heard from developers that the ability to engage users is an important challenge that you all face when launching and sustaining success with your VR content. We also recognize that enabling you to build content focused on your games/applications, your developer experience and your community as a whole is pivotal to succeeding in the VR marketplace. With this in mind, we have created a new feature that will enable you to build, publish, and analyze community-focused content within your audience’s Home Feed, and your game’s Product Details Page (PDP). Now available for the Oculus Quest, Go and Gear, this latest feature is called Developer Posts, and we’re excited to share what this feature entails, how you can get started, and what Beat Games + Rec Room Inc. thought of the feature in their initial beta test.

Developer Posts Overview

While the experiences you develop are at the focal point of what makes VR fun and enjoyable, we can all agree that how you interact with your audience before and afterward makes a huge impact on your community and sales. Developer Posts gives you a new way to capture the attention of your audience via text, imagery + native video, and soon you will be able to direct users to specific areas of your application with Destinations. (Check out this article covering the latest social features for more information on Destinations.)

Users will be able to see these posts on the Home Feed both in-headset and within the Oculus Mobile App. The Home Feed is the landing page for all users when they put on their headset or open the mobile app. As they browse recommendations, users will see a section populated by posts shared by developers from apps that they own in their library.

When the user taps anywhere within the post preview, the module expands to present the full content. This enables a more long form experience. Developers can chose to capitalize on this space by including an image about their post or an embedded video derived via a Facebook URL link.

Along with the Home Feed experience the developer post will also display within your PDP, both in-headset and on the Oculus Mobile App. This section will enable your audience to learn and engage with past content you’ve posted around the specific title.

As we recognize that users are also browsing for gaming information on their Oculus companion app, all of the developer post views are available within the app as well.

Posting announcements is another way to get the message to our players and keep the news specific for Oculus platform. Also, it's great to see the analytics and have real data about the effectiveness of our posts
- Beat Games

Analytics Dashboard for Posts

We also heard from Oculus Developers that you want to see data behind how your audience is engaging with your content. For that reason we are also launching an analytics dashboard to accompany developer posts. These will obviously enable you to measure the success of your post content, but also enable you to test and iterate from based on responses to different types of material.

Keeping your sales funnel in mind, we have included the following data points for each post:

  • Reach: The number of people exposed to this post
  • Unique Clicks (All): The number of people who performed a click
  • Unique Conversion (All): The number of people who purchased, installed, re-installed or launched your app, attributed to your post.

Note: These metrics are an estimate and each metric will be displayed for the past 30 days regardless of when the post was published.

Initial Feedback from Beat Games + Rec Room Inc.

Over one month, we partnered with 6 developers who beta-tested this feature. We received largely positive feedback. Rec Room Inc and Beat Games were two of the more active beta testers of the initial group, and have been kind enough to share a few comments about their experience with this new feature.

What sort of content did you use within your Developer Posts:
Rec Room Inc.: We've used it any time we've made a significant update to the app. [This included] an announcement for Stunt Runner, a new game we added to Rec Room, as typically new games are a great time for us to reactivate users.

What were the costs?
Rec Room Inc.: About 3 min of work. We already prep this kind of content regularly.

Beat Games: I don't see any costs. It is very easy to post on the Oculus Store platform and it doesn't require extra effort.

Would you recommend this feature to other VR developers + Why?
Beat Games: Yes, definitely. Every time there is a chance to promote your message and share it with your community. Also, there is no better way than to interact with the actual players at the platform where they download and update your game.

Would you use this feature again?
Rec Room Inc: Sure!

Beat Games: Definitely. It's a great tool for reaching out to our community and informing them more about the news coming to the game.

We hope this latest feature enables you to connect with your audience, leading to an even larger, more engaged community. We will be working with developers over the next few months to offer a case study including best practices for leveraging Developer Posts, so be sure to keep an eye out for that update. You can also check out the Developer Posts documentation page for more information about this latest feature, and feel free to respond with any questions / feedback in the comments section or on the Oculus Developer Forum.