Custom Developer Items Now Available For Oculus Rift

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Nancy Xiao
December 10, 2018

This year at Oculus Connect we announced Custom Developer Items. Today we're excited to roll this out broadly so that the entire Oculus developer community can create Custom Developer Items for their Rift applications. Custom Developer Items lets you reward people with iconic items from your application that they can use to customize their Oculus Home experience, and are a great new way to re-engage your community, celebrate in-app achievements, and drive awareness of your application.

Custom Items: Early Examples in Select Rift Titles

We gave a limited number of Oculus Rift developers early access to Custom Developer Items and since then have seen great content in their titles including Arizona Sunshine, Brass Tactics, Echo VR, Job Simulator, Loco Dojo, Lone Echo II: Trailer Experience, Moss, OrbusVR, and SUPERHOT. We loved seeing the creative Custom Items these developers created for people in their games and applications.

Hidden Path tied Custom Items to many of their Achievements in Brass Tactics. Items included set pieces and character objects from the game, ranging from gigantic statue size to small tabletop toys, making for a wide array of rewards and ways to engage their users.

Ready at Dawn used Custom Items to promote the Echo VR Halloween Bash event. Players who jumped into a match of Echo Arena during the event unlocked a special Achievement that awarded them with a themed pumpkin cube-sat item in addition to Halloween customizations for their in-game Echo unit.

Owlchemy Labs tied Custom Items to many of their Achievements in Job Simulator, ranging in difficulty, with iconic items from the game including a donut bobblehead, JobBot plushie, and more.

The SUPERHOT team awards people who beat SUPERHOT VR with a lifesize statue for their Home!

How To Get Started

Creating Custom Developer Items is as easy as uploading 3D objects through the Developer Dashboard and awarding them to your user base with Oculus Achievements. To get started, follow these steps and refer to our documentation on the Oculus Developer Center.

Create Custom Item

  1. Create your 3D object and convert it into a GLB file (<15mb). Note that objects must follow our Content Guidelines.
  2. Validate and test the object in your Home. Follow these directions for importing objects.
  3. Configure the object with the Achievement of your choice from the Developer Dashboard .

Upload Custom Item For Review

  1. Navigate to Manage → App/App Grouping → Platform Services → Custom Item.
  2. Click 'Create New Item.'
  3. Fill in 'Name' and add any required localizations for the name.
  4. Upload item.
  5. Verify you have rights to this object.
  6. Save for later or submit for review (typically reviewed in 1-3 business days).

Add Custom Item to Achievement

  1. See if your item is approved, navigate to the table under Manage → Your App/App Grouping → Platform Services → Custom Item.
  2. Once approved, select the achievement you want to associate the item with in the “Add Custom Item” dropdown.
  3. Once you click 'Save' the item will start to be distributed to users who have unlocked that achievement. If your app is already live, users who have previously unlocked the achievement will be retroactively granted with the item.

We can't wait to see what Custom Items you create.