December Monthly Tech Updates
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
December 20, 2018

The latest updates from the Oculus Software, Integrations, and Docs teams are now live! This month's major updates include the launch of Custom Developer Items and updates to our Unity integrations.

Oculus Integration for UNITY 1.32

New updates for our latest Unity integration include the addition of the Oculus Profiler Panel to provide real-time metrics for all development builds. You can also now use the Oculus Profiler Panel to debug and optimize your app during development. Additionally, OVROverlay support is now available for Unity Cross-Platform Development.

The Sample Framework now ships as part of the Oculus Integration. Changes to the Oculus Samples will be captured as part of the Oculus Integration release notes.

We've also improved performance of the Rift occlusion mesh to reduce a high GPU cost with OVRPlugin. The Unity editor preview may be smaller as the new occlusion mesh culling is more aggressive.

Oculus Platform SDK 1.32

Now with Platform SDK 1.32 you can create custom items that users can display in their Oculus Home and associate them with achievements. Support for ARM64 mobile devices when using the platform SDK with Unity is also included in this release.

Audio SDK 1.32

The Oculus Audio Spatializer Plugin now offers support for non-AVX PCs along with various optimizations and performance updates. For more information, see our Audio SDK Developer Guide.

Custom Developer Items for Oculus Rift

We're excited to roll out Custom Developer Items so that you can now create Custom Items for your Rift applications. Custom Developer Items lets you reward people with iconic items from your application that they can use to customize their Oculus Home experience, and are a great new way to re-engage your community, celebrate in-app achievements, and drive awareness of your application. Visit the blog to learn more and start creating your Custom Items.


We always love meeting you in person. Here are some events we'll be attending. Hope to see you there!

  • Sign up now for Global Game Jam 2019! We'll be hosting a Jam site at Facebook/Oculus HQ from 1/25-1/27.
  • Heading into GDC 2019, the Oculus team will be supporting Train Jam! A 52 hour game jam where attendees create amazing content on their way to GDC from Chicago. Get your tickets now!
  • We will once again be supporting the Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX East and PAX West 2019! Head over to to learn more about how you can join the the MEGABOOTH next year!