Developer Communities at PAX West
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Posted by Oculus VR
September 11, 2018

Last week Oculus was onsite at PAX West 2018. This year's event showcased tons of indie developers, amazing panels, and events that connected the developer community.

In case you weren't able to head over to Seattle last week, here's a recap of a few amazing moments from the show!


We were excited to once again be a sponsor of the Indie MEGABOOTH, a curated event which hosts many indie games and their creators. Showcasing over 70 independent games and developers, their presence at PAX was up front and center on the show floor. The MEGABOOTH this year was a great opportunity for devs to showcase applications and connect with the developer community.

To learn more about the booth and how to apply to be a part of their next event head over to

Panels and Talks

Game Narrative 20XX: Futures of Interactive Storytelling

In the Game Narrative 20XX panel, game writers and narrative designers came together to discuss the future of interactive storytelling and what that means for the future of games and digital experiences. Largely focused on VR, AR, and AI, the panelists discussed the impact of VR experiences both on creators and audiences experiencing VR applications. They noted that, as creators, VR presents an increased responsibility to create applications that consider all use cases and have a positive impact on users.

Check out the full panel here:

Other panels to watch to keep you inspired:

Overall, PAX Prime was an amazing conference showcasing our passionate developer community and deep dives into what it means to be a modern creator. As always, we love hearing from you and welcome any feedback - tell us what you think!