Developer Spotlight: Using Oculus Medium for Game Concepts
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
July 27, 2018

Last year, Skydance Interactive, the game studio arm of Skydance Med, launched their first VR title - Archangel. The mech shooter broke new ground with a breathtaking combination of storytelling and FPS style game play to immerse their players. In their latest update - Archangel: Hellfire - the dev team took a new approach to pre-visualization and prototyping to bring new features to the award-winning VR experience.

For the latest addition to Archangel, the design team used Oculus Medium to develop mech prototyping directly in VR. Incorporating this VR native program into their workflow cut down their development time and provided a new level of creative expression to the team's artists.

Before incorporating Medium, Concept Artist Momo Koshu, would typically use polygon-based traditional 2D-modelling tools to iterate on various design aspects. This method, while still effective, was a slow process that lacked tactility, a full sense of scale, and full immersion that are essential to creating impactful VR experiences.

The team then imported the Medium models directly into their engine early in the development process. The 3D concept model allowed for designers and engineers to easily collaborate on game aspects, like mech design. According to Producer, Mark Domowicz, Medium models allowed the team to feel as though they were in the game and gave a real sense of what the end experience would be for users. He said, “That gave me the confidence to know that it's going to work for our game.”

In our latest Developer Spotlight we go behind the scenes with Skydance Interactive and learn more about how they use Medium to streamline their development process.