Ensuring Safe and Authentic Access to Oculus Platform Solutions

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by OCULUS VR
September 30, 2020
High Priority Issues

To continue our goal of maintaining a safe and thriving ecosystem for both developers and users, we have released a new feature to ensure that only app binaries distributed by Oculus can access Oculus Platform Solutions on the Quest Platform.

In order to use Oculus Platform features, applications require an access token. Starting today, access tokens will only be granted for official versions of an app acquired from Oculus Platform for Quest and Quest 2 users.

If you’re a developer or tester for an organization, you can still sideload unpublished versions of an app and use Oculus Platform Services, provided your account is associated with the organization that owns the app. This gives you access to an app token and, as a result, Oculus Platform features. For more about organizations and managing accounts, see Create an Organization and Manage Accounts.

These changes help improve the safety and integrity of the Quest ecosystem by ensuring our Platform Services are only used by app versions distributed by Oculus, while still allowing developers to run, debug, and test their apps.