Facebook Connect: Developer Super Session Recap

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Posted by Oculus VR
September 16, 2020

Facebook Connect kicked off today in an all-digital format that showcased the latest in AR/VR developments, integration improvements, new developer tools, and so much more. From the announcement of Quest 2 to an update on the path to AR glasses, developers have new tools that will enable them to grow their community and push VR further than ever. And as advances in VR technology continue to accelerate, the importance of social interaction and community-building shows that the future is ultimately and fundamentally human.

See below for presentation highlights from the Developer Super Session at Facebook Connect:

Chris Pruett: Welcome to the Developer Super Session

Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem at Facebook Reality Labs, discusses how his group is working to produce a sustainable and profitable platform for developers. With the announcement of Quest 2 and the incorporation of Facebook’s social features, Pruett talks about how the future of VR will defy distance and bring people together like never before.

Tom Langan: Quest 2 Specs and Developer Roadmap Updates

Thanks to feedback from developers, Facebook Reality Labs Product Manager Tom Langan shares how Quest 2 adds more GPU power, more CPU, more memory, and a higher resolution display. Now you can create more realistic visuals, open worlds, and complex systems that push your apps to do things that weren’t possible on the original Quest.

David Borel: Maximize Your ROI for Oculus Development

Facebook Reality Labs Engineering Manager David Borel reveals a series of improvements that reduce iteration time, bolster your navigation framework, and improve your overall development experience. With the launch of the Oculus Developer Hub, a cross-platform tool to reduce development friction and improve two-way communication with developers, VR creators can streamline common Oculus development tasks and become more productive in their roles.

Shira Gordon: Media Studio, Bringing Power to Creators

Shira Gordon, Product Design Lead for Facebook Reality Labs, shares how new features of Oculus Media Studio will allow VR creators to elevate their work and truly connect with their community.

Leigh Momii: Innovation and Immersion with Hand Tracking

As a consultant to developers, Developer Strategist Leigh Momii discusses her approach to short- and long-term content strategy and one of the keys to creating immersive experiences in VR.

Kristoffer Benjaminsson (Fast Travel Games): Adding Hand Tracking to The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

Fast Travel Games’ Kristoffer Benjaminsson reveals the challenges and solutions found while adding hand tracking to The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets. Can hand tracking and motion controllers work together? Benjaminsson offers his thoughts on what the future holds for hand tracking and VR.

Kasey Galang: Thank You to Our Family of Developers

Head of Developer Ecosystem Kasey Galang celebrates the many achievements of our developer community and shares some highlights from Oculus Start and Oculus Launch Pad, as these up-and-coming Oculus developers hone their craft and share their journey.

Check out the Facebook Reality Labs Facebook page to watch the Developer Super Session and other Facebook Connect content.