Feature Now Available: Custom Developer Items Based on App Entitlement

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
May 22, 2019

Today we are announcing that Custom Developer Items can now be used as purchase incentives, with an update enabling custom items to be attached to your app. Once purchased, users can access the item in their Oculus Home inventory to use as a decoration for their space, or an interactive object to play with.

Simply upload the 3D object related to your game / experience, and designate the custom item for entitlement usage within your dashboard. Once designated, the custom items are a great way to re-engage your community, celebrate in-app achievements, and drive awareness of your application.

How to Attach a Custom Item to Your Entitlement

After submitting an item for approval, designate its assignment for distribution through the Oculus Developer Dashboard. You can then decide whether distribution of your item should be triggered through an in-game achievement or the entitlement of the game. Once this is complete, existing users will retroactively receive access to the item in their Inventory, while new users will receive the item when they complete their purchase.

New to Custom Items?

If you have not previously leveraged Custom Items, we recommend starting with our initial blog post when Custom Items were first announced, while the video clip below provides a glimpse into what's possible via the Team at Brass Tactics.

You can also check out the Custom Item Design Tips page, as it provides information on the GLTF and GLB formats, including reference guides, tutorials and other resources. Lastly, the Custom Items Docs Page is also recommended for detailed specs on these formats, along with upload prerequisites + instructions.

Example Implementations of Custom Items

As these custom items can be anything from furniture and in-game items, to figurines that you couldn't purchase IRL, the sky is the limit for how you will extend your game's experience to Oculus Home.

Since launch, developers have added Custom Items in a wide variety of ways, from Arizona Sunshine to SUPERHOT VR to Loco Dojo and many more. Here are a few example items available today:

Owlchemy Labs

Ranging in achievement difficulty, these iconic items from Job Simulator include a donut bobblehead, JobBot plushie and more.

Polyarc Games

Players can earn a special Quill figurine or poster from the adventure game, Moss.

Entitlements for Custom Items: Q&A

Can I tie the same Custom Item to my entitlement and an in-game achievement?

No — Custom Items can only have one assignment type at a time. An item can be distributed through one achievement or multiple entitlements.

What happens if a user returns my game?

If a user returns the game, the item is also revoked. This means a user cannot buy your game and then refund it to keep the item.

Can one entitlement have multiple items attached to it?

Yes, you can choose to attach multiple items to your entitlement.

What if my app has already launched and I attach an item to it now? Will previous purchasers also receive the item?

Yes, previous purchasers will automatically receive the item.

We look forward to checking out some of new items you enable for VR gamers everywhere!

- The Oculus Team