Gear VR SD Card Support
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Dmitry Soshnikov
April 17, 2017

When Gear VR first launched with the Samsung S6, there was no SD Card support. When a Gear VR app was installed, it was designed to be stored using the phone’s internal storage space. As people began to run out of internal storage space, they requested that we add support SD Card for storage. Now that the Samsung S7 and S8 phones both support SD Cards, we’re happy to announce support for SD Cards as an install destination. As a developer, you now have the option to let your app be movable to an SD Card.

Make Your App Movable to an SD Card
The process to make your Gear VR app movable to an SD Card is simple. First, test the application performance:

  1. Update the app manifest file (AndroidManifest.xml) to android:installLocation="auto"
  2. Generate the APK of your app
  3. Follow the Oculus instructions to sign the APK
  4. Sideload your app and make sure it’s on internal storage
  5. Go to the Android Application Manager and move the app to an SD Card
  6. Launch your app and verify it works properly

Gear VR App Review Criteria Update
Providing SD cards as a viable install destination for Gear VR apps adds huge value to Oculus users. It saves internal storage space, with a low-cost solution to the end user and no noticeable performance impact to you as a developer. We suggest that all Gear VR apps in the Store take advantage of this enhancement.

Starting April 20, all Gear VR developers will be able to select an option at submission to make their app movable to an SD Card. Please contact us at if you believe your app can only be installed on the internal storage or if you prefer a direct installation on an SD card.

After successfully submitting an app that's movable to an SD Card, users will see a new icon on your app’s PDP (production display page), as shown below:

After installing your app from the Store, the user can select it from the Android Application Manager and then move it to an SD Card using the following steps:

1. Go to “Settings” → “Applications” → “App Manager” → Select your app

2. Click on “Storage” info

3. Click “Change” button

4. Choose “SD card” from the pop-up dialog

We’re excited at the flexibility this will offer both developers and end users and look forward to people being able to enjoy even more great content on Gear VR.