Introducing the New Oculus Quest System Experience

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
March 16, 2020

Today we announced a major update to the Oculus Quest system experience that makes VR more flexible, social, and easy to use than ever before. It brings Quest users a completely redesigned universal menu and multi-window support for 2D apps, starting with Oculus Browser, to let people multitask and do more in VR. It also includes new immersive overlays, letting people pull up the Quest universal menu and access system functions from within an app, without having to return to Home. And it’s all launching in the Experimental Features section later this month.

With immersive overlays, people can view their universal menu placed on top of the app they’re currently running, so they can start casting or livestreaming, take a screenshot, or check notifications without leaving the app. It gives users more control while playing, so they don’t have to return to Home to adjust a system setting or share their experience. To make sure your app is compatible with immersive overlays, click here.

As we worked on this system redesign, we listened to feedback from Quest users, and we’ve learned what they want in a premium VR platform:

  • They want to be able to find and launch their favorite and recently-used apps quickly and easily.
  • They want shortcuts to access and control important system functions, like viewing notifications and adjusting brightness.
  • They want simple ways to share and connect with others, both inside and outside of the headset.
  • They want to run multiple apps simultaneously in order to do more and be more productive.

We completely redesigned the Oculus Quest system experience with that feedback in mind. We can’t wait to hear what the community thinks.