Marketing Your App for the Holidays

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Boris Araya, Platform Programming Lead at Facebook Reality Labs
December 4, 2020

With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to market your app to potential buyers. Here are some tips to help you drive visibility to your content throughout this season and beyond.

  • App Gifting

  • With recently launched App Gifting, your fans can now gift your app to their friends and family just in time for the holidays. Encourage your players to gift the app and play together in local or online multiplayer or compete on the leaderboards for high scores. Consider creating a marketing campaign that emphasizes the spirit of giving and the importance of togetherness this season by embracing COVID-safe shared experiences in your favorite apps and games. To gift an app, your users can visit the Oculus Store and look for the “Buy for a Friend” button on the website or tap the “⋮” menu on the mobile app.

  • Casting and Mixed Reality Capture

  • With the recently launched casting feature, your users can share their VR experience with friends and family even if they are physically apart this holiday season. Family members of all generations can record their Oculus experiences and share. Your users can also help spread the word about your app by creating a highlight reel and sharing on social media. How might your app benefit from the casting feature, and how could you incorporate this into your campaigns? Learn more about how you can use the Oculus Mixed Reality Capture tool to help potential players discover and play your game this season and beyond:

  • Developer Posts

  • Have an app update or announcement? Developer Posts are one of the best ways to let users know about your app and get placed on the Home Feed. Posts are shown to users who already own an app and are interested in receiving updates from that developer. Dev Posts can highlight any communication, changes, or updates to the app and are a great way to re-engage users. Just keep in mind submitting one-week in advance is recommended for proper review and approvals. Click here to learn more about how to set up a Developer Post.

  • Developer Events

  • Events bring people together for amazing experiences in your app. Users can browse and subscribe to events from the Home Feed and Social tab. Once a user subscribes to an event, they will receive reminders for that activity before they begin. Do you have special screenings or tournaments? This is another great method to bring visibility and drive concurrency to your app. A one-week minimum is recommended for proper review and approvals. Click here for more details on how to set up a developer event.

  • Ratings

  • December is one of the top months for sales, and the release of Quest 2 will likely contribute to an increase in users exploring the new games available and adding to their game library. As these customers come to the store to buy new apps, they will consider your app ratings. We highly encourage developers to monitor their reviews and address any constructive feedback users are identifying. Our Research and Data Science teams have identified that users consider app ratings when making their purchase; anything under 3.5 stars might be less attractive to a prospective buyer. Keep those ratings up!

We hope these tips are a useful starting point as you market your app. We will have more coming soon!


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