May Oculus Developer Recap

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Posted by Oculus VR
May 28, 2021

This was another busy month for the developer community. From the announcement of our new Oculus Launch Pad grant recipients and opening of applications for the next session to the introduction of instant runtime-driven splash screens and the latest ODH update, there was a lot of new information to absorb. In case you missed one of the highlights, take a look back at our developer blog posts from May:

Asset Pipeline Design in VR
Asset Pipelines are critical for efficient production in VR. Oculus Dev Relations Engineer Sean Burgoon explains what an asset pipeline is and why it matters.

Oculus Launch Pad Grads Jasmine Bulin, Dave Dorn, and Austin Krauss Share the Creative Process Behind Neverboard
2019 Launch Pad grant recipients Jasmine Bulin, Dave Dorn, and Austin Krauss spoke with us about their involvement with Oculus Launch Pad and how it helped shape their career and the development of Neverboard, an app that mixes the magic of social VR with the fun of a board game party.

Instant Runtime-Driven Splash Screens
We're introducing instant runtime-driven splash screens for Quest apps with our v28 SDK release. With minor modifications to your applications, you will see significant decreases in splash screen load time.

Introducing the 2020 Oculus Launch Pad Grant Recipients + 2021 Applications Now Open
We’re excited to introduce the 2020 Launch Pad grant recipients and their VR projects that are helping to push the industry in exciting new directions. We're also opening applications to join Oculus Launch Pad 2021—apply now!

Oculus Developer Hub Update 1.8
ODH Update 1.8 is now available! New features include a redesigned home page, upload builds to release channels, open URLs in Oculus Browser, view recorded metrics graphics, share custom commands and more.

A VR Frame’s Life
This post takes you through a VR frame’s lifecycle, explaining the end-to-end process from frame generation to final display.

Focus Awareness Required for All Apps Starting September 1
Starting this September 1, all Quest apps on the Store or App Lab will be made focus aware. This change ensures people can reliably access the universal menu and system actions as overlays without interrupting the app.

If you have any questions or if there are other topics that you’d like us to cover in the blog, please let us know in the comments below.