New Hardware, Software, and Support: Day 1 at Oculus Connect 5
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
September 27, 2018

Day 1 of OC5 showcased dozens of sessions, hands-on learning sessions, and meetings for thousands of attendees. For our fifth annual Oculus Connect, we announced breakthrough hardware, software updates, and support for our developer community.

Here's a recap of today's announcements:

Unveiling Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is our first all-in-one, 6DOF headset with positionally tracked controllers. It launches in Spring 2019, starting at $399 USD. Made for immersive VR gaming, it leverages Oculus Insight, our new inside-out tracking system that lets you go beyond just roomscale.

The brand-new system will have more than 50 titles available at launch, with more coming throughout the year. Sign up now to keep up to date on the latest news for Oculus Quest.

New Updates for Oculus Rift

Rift Core 2.0, our new, more personalized and powerful system software, is exiting beta and rolling out to everyone starting today. This latest update includes new dev tools and social features to more easily connect people with games and each other in VR. The Oculus mobile app now also supports Rift, helping you connect with your audience and increase discoverability for your app.

We also announced our Hybrid App project that helps bring existing desktop software into VR with full UI and functionality—without the need for native apps or ongoing maintenance.

Click here to learn more about the latest Rift developments.

Oculus Go Brings VR to Everyone

Since launching at this year’s F8 conference in May, Oculus Go is the best way to get into VR and enjoy movies, TV shows, live events, and more in your own personal theater. With 80% of Oculus Go owners new to our ecosystem, it’s bringing more people into VR than ever before.

Oculus Go will also support casting to your phone and TV, so your friends will be able to follow along as you take on a zombie horde in Z-Strike, or catch a rare fish in Bait.

Mixed Reality and Arena Scale Gaming

OC5 attendees got a sneak peak of our prototype technologies in arena-scale tracking, mixed reality (MR), and co-location. These technologies are a proof of concept that demonstrate the potential of headsets like Oculus Quest.

With Oculus Quest, new features and content for both Rift and Oculus Go, and the advanced Manifold camera, we’re excited to continue working closely with the developer and creator communities to build a self-sustaining ecosystem that will make VR a part of everyday life.

— The Oculus Team