New Oculus Platform Stats - Introducing Hardware Reports
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Michael Max
March 19, 2018

We know data-driven decision-making is an important part of software development— and VR is no exception. Until now, Oculus developers have had to rely on third-party and competitor data insights. In an effort to help you make more informed Oculus development choices, today we released new PC and Mobile Hardware Reports. These two hardware reports, PC and Mobile, provide aggregated and anonymized statistics on active, Oculus platform-level usage. Each report is updated daily to include a rolling 28 day platform snapshot.

In showcasing metrics for platform distribution of system hardware and software types, we hope that you will better understand which system hardware and software types are important for your app to target and test against.

For Rift, you will find CPU, GPU, and OS breakdowns. For Gear VR, we are surfacing the distribution of phone model types, chipset and OS.

In addition to hardware and software statistics, we are providing a heatmap that highlights the play area space that people use with their Rift + Touch according to data sourced from the Guardian System. We also provide the inputs that Gear VR people have access to.

Reports can be accessed directly from the Developer Center, under “Discover.” You don't need a developer ID to access, so feel free to share with others across your org.

These reports can be accessed directly at:



This work is a direct request from you, our developers. As such, we'd really like to know how you're utilizing these stats and how we can continue to improve your developer experience with Oculus. Keep your feedback coming!