OC6 Preview: Can't-Miss Moments and Activities for Developers
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Posted by Oculus VR
September 24, 2019

Oculus Connect 6 officially kicks off this week, Sept. 25 and 26 at the McEnery Convention Center in downtown San Jose.

For those of you joining us, consider this post a quick overview of the OC6 moments you won’t want to miss. And if you haven’t already, consider downloading the official OC6 mobile app, which you can use to further plan and personalize your entire OC6 experience.

First, some important logistics:

Registration + “Here for All” Happy Hour

For early check in - stop by the registration desk at the San Jose Convention Center for your Badge and then head to the lower level for the “Here for All” Happy Hour. Taking place from 4PM - 7PM PST, we’ll be serving up snacks, refreshments, live music and great conversation as we celebrate the passionate + diverse AR/VR community. You will also have the chance to be a part of a “Here For All” Mosaic/Sharable moment, look out for signage located at the top of the entry stairs on the Concourse Level, along with a custom AR effect within Instagram.

As OC6 does bring together thousands of AR + VR professionals from around the world, if you are registering on Wednesday morning, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for check-in which kicks off at 8AM. A timely arrival will also enable you to grab breakfast and get a quality seat for the early morning sessions which you won’t want to miss.


We kick off OC6 with our Day 1 keynote at 10 a.m., which will include announcements, speakers and demonstrations you won’t want to miss. Then on Day 2, John Carmack takes the stage for his signature unscripted keynote. If you can’t make it to the keynotes, be sure to tune into the livestream on the Oculus Facebook page, or watch them in VR with Oculus Venues on Oculus Quest and Oculus Go or with the Bigscreen Devs on your Rift or Rift S.


This year’s OC6 session schedule spans over 40 talks, and covers the concepts, industries and use cases that make up the AR/VR landscape. Each session will be packed full of the information, insights and learnings that you can only get from the developers, creators and experts that make up this exciting ecosystem, both at Oculus + Facebook, as well as developer/industry partners. Here are just a few of the sessions you won’t want to miss:

Day 1 Sessions

Beat Saber: Creating a Winning Rhythm
Deborah Guzman Barrios, Developer Strategy and Trevor Dasch, Developer Relations Engineering, at Facebook, with Ján Ilavský, Designer, and Vladimír Hrinčár, CEO at Beat Games
Dive into the history behind Beat Saber’s creation and hear from the Beat Games team as they share the lessons learned from building, launching, and iterating on one of VR’s more popular titles.

Carmack App Review
John Carmack, CTA at Oculus
Join us for John Carmack’s signature live app reviews. If you’d like to have him review your Oculus Go or Oculus Quest game or application, please upload a working build to a dedicated release channel and invite carmackappreviews@oculus.com. App reviews will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis at Room 220B. You can sign up for your spot starting at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, September 25 on the Concourse Level. Builds must be uploaded by September 24 at 5pm PST to be eligible for review. For more information on Release Channels, please go to developer.oculus.com/distribute/latest/concepts/publish-release-channels/. If you’d like to have him review your Oculus Quest game, please submit a concept through Quest Concept Submissions to enable Release Channel functionality.

From Lightspeed to Lightsabers: The Making of Vader Immortal
Colum Slevin, Head of Media at Facebook;Ben Snow Director, "Vader Immortal" at ILMxLAB; Jung Yoon Choi, Sr. Character Artist at ILMxLAB; Ronman Ng, Sr. Lighting Technical Director at ILMxLAB
Join the teams from ILMxLAB and Oculus Studios as they discuss how they brought the cinematic world of Star Wars into this immersive, canonical VR adventure. Expect a wide-ranging conversation — from concept and creation, to technical tricks and the creative impact of Oculus Quest.

Development Research Roundtable
What are you building and how are you making these experiences? What tools, workflows, and hacks have you come up with?

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Success on the Oculus Store
Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem, Lisa Brewster, Oculus Store Manager, Richard Duck, Store Operations Manager, Mari Kyle, Content Launch Manager, and Bruce Wooden, Content Launch Manager, at Facebook
Oculus has three flagship VR headsets: Oculus Go, Rift S, and Quest. Each platform differs not only in in terms of technical capability, but also the type of content players engage in as well as player expectations for quality. This session aims to shine more light on store curation decisions made by Oculus, where your title may fit best, and what to do if your app doesn’t make the cut on the first try.

Day 2 Sessions

Oculus Connected: Building Social Experiences and Connecting People at Scale
Mike Howard, Product Manager, Facebook
In this session, we’ll cover the latest updates to the Oculus platform for developers of social and multiplayer apps, including new features to help people discover your app and connect with others, tools to help you improve social presence and deliver it at scale, and best practices for bringing people together in VR.

A New Architecture: Unity XR Platform
Neel Bedekar, Software Engineer at Facebook; J.J. Hoesing, Senior XR Engineer at Unity
Unity developed a new architecture that improves how we support current and future developments at Oculus. Learn about the technology under the hood, the resulting benefits and improvements, and how to upgrade your project to take advantage of this new architecture.

Mixed Reality Capture for Quest
Xiang Wei, Tech Lead Manager, with Kevin Xiao, Software Engineer, at Facebook
One of the biggest challenges to VR adoption is the ability to share its power and excitement with those who don’t have a headset in a scalable way. This presentation will describe how to add mixed reality capture support to your Quest applications, as well as important considerations to bear in mind.

Creating VR for Everyone: Accessibility and Inclusion in a Virtual Space
Allison Lee, Developer Program Manager at Facebook; Mark Barlet, Founder & Executive Director at The AbleGamers Charity; Robin Hunicke, CEO and Co-Founder of Funomena at Funomena; Doug North Cook, Professor at Chatham University
Oculus Launch Pad Program Manager Allison Lee welcomes VR developers and industry experts for a discussion on how to design immersive experiences for everyone. VR and AR offer opportunities for new types of expression, which comes with new responsibilities for content creators. Learn how to address these new needs, including how to feature diverse voices, be inclusive to a wider audience, and provide greater access to a variety of people.

The More Things Change: How Trends in VR Apply to Quest
Deborah Guzman Barrios, Developer Strategy, with Rade Stojsavljevic, Head of Content Strategy, at Facebook
VR is uncharted territory where a growing percentage of developers have found success. As the user base grows, so do the opportunities! What are the key factors that can help ensure success? Join us as we explore key insights learned alongside our closest partners over the past few years. Oculus Quest completes the first generation of Oculus hardware and represents a new market for VR content. We’ll look at the different customer preferences for content on Quest compared to Rift and Oculus Go—and talk about how we expect VR content to evolve in the next few years.

Breakout Activities & Resources

In addition to the keynotes, session content and of course the demo and innovation halls, at this year’s OC6 we have several breakout activities and resource areas you may want to explore and take advantage of, whenever possible, including:

Developer Sandbox

New this year, the Developer Sandbox is a place where you can engage directly with the Oculus Engineering and Product teams who build developer tools and solutions. We’ll have a team of experts available throughout the Facebook and Oculus team, including The Oculus Store, Social Platform, Developer Performance Tools, and Unity & Unreal Integrations. Simply walk up, ask your question(s), and gain the knowledge you’re looking for, all in an open format.

Speed Mentoring

For OC6, we’re offering the opportunity for fast-paced, 1:1 Speed Mentoring. All OC6 attendees can apply to have a focused conversation with one of Facebook’s AR/VR executive leaders, this is your chance to get feedback on your application, career/leadership advice, or deeper insights into what’s shaping Facebook’s AR/VR vision. The Speed Mentoring event will be on Day 2 from 12:30 p.m - 2:30 p.m. Participants will have nearly 45 mins to speak with up to 8 Facebook leaders about any topic they desire. Participation is by application-only, so act quickly if you’d like to get involved. Apply now.

OC6 Table Talk

Throughout the year we engage with the developer community to assure that our future planning is aligned with the needs and goals of our developers. At OC6, Oculus and Facebook product and research teams will be facilitating small group, roundtable discussions so that you can share the opportunities, challenges, and insights you are experiencing throughout your development lifecycle. This is a chance for you to provide any opinions and feedback and make a real impact on our AR/VR planning and strategy across a mix of topics, including:

  • Monetization: How do you make money in the AR/VR industry? What do you need to be successful and how do you measure it?
  • Development: What are you building and how are you making these experiences? What tools, workflows and hacks have you come up with? What are some of the pros and cons for building AR and VR applications?
  • Community: What communities exists and how do we grow them? Where can you go to learn new skills, best practices, tips and tricks, etc.?
  • Vision: Where should people go to learn new skills, best practices, tips and tricks? And what do you think people should consider to be a successful VR developer?
  • And more...

Stop by the Table Talk area in the Demo Hall to join the roundtable discussion on Day 1 from 12:30 p.m. — 5:30 p.m.

We’re confident that this year’s event is going to be an amazing moment in time for our AR/VR community to connect, learn, and be inspired. We hope this outline helps as you look to plan your OC6 experience, and we’ll see you at a roundtable, session, demo or on the show floor at this year’s Oculus Connect!