Oculus Connect 6: Wave 2 Sessions Now Available

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Posted by Oculus VR
August 20, 2019

We’re about a month away from this year’s Oculus Connect 6, our annual developer conference where we provide the latest in VR development learnings and insights. If you haven’t already, be sure to apply for OC6 registration and while we did provide a snapshot of OC6 programming back in July, here’s a second wave of workshops, talks, panels and discussions.

Beat Saber: Creating a Winning Rhythm
Deborah Guzman Barrios, Developer Strategy, Facebook; Trevor Dasch, Developer Relations Engineering, Facebook
Dive into the history behind Beat Saber’s creation and hear from the Beat Games team as they share the lessons learned from building, launching, and iterating on one of VR’s more popular titles.

Mixed Reality Capture for Quest
Xiang Wei, Tech Lead Manager, Facebook; Kevin Xiao, Software Engineer, Facebook
One of the biggest challenges to VR adoption is the ability to share its power and excitement with those who don’t have a headset in a scalable way. This presentation will describe how to add mixed reality capture support to your Quest applications, as well as important considerations to bear in mind. It will also introduce our updated camera calibration and capture workflows that are designed for developers, streamers, and influencers.

SUPERHOT VR on Quest: From 100W to 4W in 12 Months
Dr. Luke Thompson, Programmer, SUPERHOT; Mark Schramm, Programmer, SUPERHOT
Programmers Dr. Luke Thompson and Mark Schramm take you on a (mostly) chronological journey to get their award-winning VR game running on a standalone HMD, and making it the best version to date. This talk will include the technical hurdles, triumphs, hints, tips and mistakes made while developing SUPERHOT, along with the larger lessons learned about how best to develop for Quest — whether porting or starting from scratch.

Leveraging Data to Drive Developer Success
Jennifer Kim, Data Scientist, Facebook; Joseph Malandruccolo, Software Engineer, Facebook
How can you succeed on the Oculus Store? Join us for a look at the quantitative and qualitative data that show which features are most likely to improve performance and meaningfully improve your app’s conversion rate.

A New Architecture: Unity XR Platform
Neel Bedekar, Software Engineer, Facebook; J.J. Hoesing, Senior VR Engineer, Unity
Unity developed a new architecture that improves how we support current and future developments at Oculus. Learn about the technology under the hood, the resulting benefits and improvements, and how to upgrade your project to take advantage of this new architecture.

Creating Spatialized Music for AR/VR
Tom Smurdon, Audio Design Manager, Facebook; Jonathan Mayer, Audio Design Manager, Facebook; Michael Bross, Audio Designer, Facebook
Getting music to fit naturally into your AR/VR experience isn’t easy. Facebook Sound Design Team members will share different ways of spatially placing your score, along with techniques used writing and recording the scores for Oculus First Steps and other projects.

From WebVR to WebXR: The Next Generation of VR Experiences on the Web
Chester Hu, Software Engineer, Facebook; Jacob Rossi, Product Manager, Facebook
This year, Oculus will launch support for WebXR, the new standard for building VR and AR experiences on the web that’s intended to replace WebVR. In this session, we’ll cover the latest innovations from Oculus for VR web experiences and the basics of transitioning from WebVR to WebXR.

No More Hacks: Building Cross-Device UE4 Apps with OpenXR
Jules Blok, XR Programmer, Epic Games; Ryan Vance, Lead Programmer, Epic Games
Learn how to stop maintaining multiple versions of your application and let the runtime do the porting for you by taking advantage of the new OpenXR plugin in UE4.

Using Vulkan for Mobile VR
Rémi Palandri, Software Engineer, Facebook; Kevin Xiao, Software Engineer, Facebook Learn how to effectively use Vulkan to render mobile VR scenes with performance. This talk will provide learnings and best practices for VR-specific Vulkan features such as FFR, Multiview and MSAA.

Identity in Social VR Apps: Why It Matters and What Features to Build
Yanjin Long, UX Researcher, Facebook; Maheen Sohail, Product Designer, Facebook
We’ll talk about our learnings from design and user research on people’s perceptions of “social” and their preferences and concerns regarding expressing their identities in VR. We’ll end with design guidelines that enable developers to build identity features that facilitate safe and meaningful social interactions.

Check out the full schedule at oculusconnect.com and register now to attend OC6, taking place September 25 – 26 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

- The Oculus Team