Oculus Developer Hub Update 1.1

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Thomas McGlynn
October 15, 2020

Last month at Facebook Connect, we launched the Oculus Developer Hub, a central hub that improves the VR development experience and the way developers interface with Oculus headsets from their PC or Mac. We’ve already received overwhelmingly positive feedback on how ODH is supporting and streamlining developer workflow, and we’re excited to share our first update, which includes a few new features and fixes to community-reported bugs.

First, we’ve added a “Report a Bug” button on the bottom left of all screens. With this new feature, you can send feedback and report ODH issues directly within ODH. You can also attach a screenshot and detailed logs so we can better understand the issue and address it quickly.

Second, we’ve added “Device Cockpit.” Device Cockpit persists in the bottom left corner across all ODH views and gives you a quick view of headset and connected controller battery levels. It has three quick action buttons that cast the headset display to ODH, capture a headset screenshot, or record video directly from the headset.

We also made fixes around some issues reported by developers:

  • Headset state is now recognized when USB Debugging has not been enabled, and clear directions are provided.

  • OVR Metrics install in My Device is now streamlined by leveraging Package Manager.

  • ADB port in-use is now recognized and an appropriate message is displayed.

  • Uninstalled tools will no longer remain in the Installed tab in Package Manager.

We hope you enjoy Update 1.1, and we look forward to your feedback! If you haven’t already downloaded ODH, you can do so for Windows or macOS. Learn more in the ODH Documentation.