Oculus Developer Release Notes: v16

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Posted by Oculus VR
May 28, 2020
Release Notes

See below for the latest developer release notes. If you have questions and/or feedback on any of these updates, feel free to comment below or post on the Developer Forum.

Oculus Integration for Unity

New Features

Integration Changes

  • Updated OVRPlugin to 1.49.

Unreal Engine 4 Integration

New Features

  • Hand tracking support. For more information, see Hand Tracking.

  • The ability to set the color space for your app with blueprints and in the project settings. For more information, see Color Functions.

  • Get Device Type blueprint added, which replaces Get Device Name. For more information, see Get Device Type.

Integration Changes

  • Updated OVRPlugin to version 1.49.0/v17 on Unreal Engine version 4.25.

Known Issues

  • Oculus Lipsync version 1.43 is not compatible with Unreal Engine 4.25. To use Lipsync, you must use an older version of Unreal Engine.

  • Scenes may crash during map changes on Unreal 4.25, particularly when the pixel density is changed on Vulkan.

Platform SDK

New/Updated Features

Mobile SDK

New/Updated Features

  • A new ColorSpace API has been added to allow developers to set the color space of their app so that the appropriate colors are shown on the Oculus Quest's displays. See Set Color Space for more information.

  • The ovrSystemProperty type, VRAPI_SYS_PROP_HEADSET_TYPE, and corresponding structure, ovrHeadsetType, have been deprecated and removed from the API.

  • New ovrInputStateHandStatus types, ovrInputStateHandStatus_DominantHand and ovrInputStateHandStatus_MenuPressed, have been added to the API. These allow developers to set the dominant hand and handle system gestures performed on the non-dominant hand. See Enable Hand Tracking for more information.

Other Developer Updates

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