Oculus Tech Updates: July, 2019
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Posted by Oculus VR
July 30, 2019

We’re excited to announce a number of updates and enhancements to our tools and SDKs this month. If you have questions and/or feedback on any of these updates, feel free to comment below or post on the developer forum.

Oculus Integration for Unity 1.39

Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Capture Tools are available as of the 1.38 release, and while you can check out the Setup Guide or go to GitHub for the OBS plugin, the 1.39 release version 1.1 fixes a known calibration compatibility issue.

When using the Mixed Reality Capture Tools on Quest and Rift, you can now customize the backdrop color of the foreground when using external composition. While this new feature is enabled for both the Rift Platform and Quest, these are in active development, so keep in mind that we will be working to streamline the setup and calibration process over the coming months.

Unreal Engine 4 Integration 1.39

This version of the Oculus Unreal Engine 4 integration offers full Vulkan graphics API support, including mixed-reality capture (MRC), MSAA and the performance optimizations of Multiview and Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR).

Platform SDK 1.39

Cloud Storage version 2 is now available to all developers. Cloud Storage 2 is a simplified, file-based system for syncing local files from Quest, Go and Rift apps, along with app groupings to the Oculus cloud. Check out the Cloud Storage 2 documentation page for more information.

Avatar SDK 1.39

  • ARM64 now available for the Avatar SDK
  • Avatars can now detect and animate laughter. This behavior can be toggled with a flag if desired, while performance may be slightly affected
  • Gaze and other behaviors have been improved
  • System will now retry fetching Avatars if the initial network requests fail for any reason.
  • Log lines improved in Unity
  • Additional bug fixes for Unity on IL2CPP
  • Memory management in Unity has been dramatically improved
  • Avatars performance enhancement due to http2 fetching support
  • Fixed multiple bugs and race conditions with native rendering

Mobile SDK 1.24

  • Vulkan Multiview is now supported. See the VrCubeworld_Vulkan sample for example usage
  • Vulkan Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) is now supported. See the VrCubeworld_Vulkan sample for example usage
  • Vulkan MSAA is now supported
  • The deprecated LibOVRKernel library has been removed from the SDK
  • The 360 Photos and 360 Videos sample applications have been updated to libjpeg-turbo 2.1 with 64-bit support

For more information on the many Oculus tools integrations and SDKs, be sure to check out the documentation and download sections of the Oculus Developer Center.

- The Oculus Team