Oculus Tech Updates: September, 2019
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Posted by Oculus VR
September 5, 2019

We’re excited to announce a number of updates and enhancements to our tools, integrations and SDKs. If you have questions and/or feedback on any of these updates, feel free to comment below or post on the developer forum.

Oculus Integration for Unity 1.40

  • Updates to the Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Tools
  • Added Late Controller Update to OVRManager. Updates the pose of the controllers immediately before rendering, for lower latency between real-world and virtual controller movement
  • Updated the behavior of Use Recommended MSAA Level in OVRManager. This setting is now enabled by default.
  • OVRDisplay.RecenteredPose: Is now supported on Quest. The event is sent anytime a user recenters.
  • Removed the requirement to manually generate an AndroidManifest.xml file with the headtracking manifest flag for Oculus Quest support. Simply adding "Oculus Quest" to the list of target devices in OVRManager will update the manifest file.

Platform SDK 1.40

You can now query for a cached list of durable IAP items a user has purchased. The following APIs have been added to support this feature:

  • Native - ovr_IAP_GetViewerPurchasesDurableCache()
  • Unity - Platform.IAP.GetViewerPurchasesDurableCache()

See more information in Add Purchases to Your Oculus App.

Development and Publishing Tools

New option to auto increment the version number when doing a non-development build.

For more information on the many Oculus tools integrations and SDKs, be sure to check out the documentation and download sections of the Oculus Developer Center.

- The Oculus Team