Onward! Porting from PC VR to Quest

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
October 21, 2020

Creating a standalone VR port from games initially targeting PC is never easy. In this session from Facebook Connect, Facebook Reality Labs Developer Relations Engineer Cristiano Ferreira leads a panel discussion with Downpour Interactive Founder Dante Buckley, Lead Programmer Brian Provan, and Lead Level Designer Storm Griffith as they share how they brought Onward to Oculus Quest and the adjustments they made along the way.

Although the move to Quest required compromises in the amount of objects and level of details, Downpour Interactive employed an ingenious approach to keep the original spirit and core layout of the game intact. From VoIP and designing levels around standalone VR to updating and rendering at 72 fps, Downpour Interactive discusses the decisions they made and their path to shipping a hugely successful port.