OpenXR for Oculus

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Posted by Oculus VR
July 27, 2020

Update: As of v19, we are officially supporting OpenXR 1.0 implementation. Developers can now submit their OpenXR apps to the Oculus Store. For mobile, please use the OpenXR loader that shipped with v19 or higher. You can find the latest PC SDK version here and the latest version of the OpenXR SDK here.

For more information, check out our documentation (PC, mobile) and join the discussion in the OpenXR Development forum. We’ll keep you updated as we add support for new extensions.

Facebook and Oculus have played a central role in the development of OpenXR™, and we’re excited to announce that a prototype version will be available for developers in an update in the coming weeks. The team has been working long and hard on this, in partnership with other platforms, as we know how important it is for the development community. OpenXR will help reduce overhead for VR/AR developers and hopefully provide consumers with more choice. We are committed to bringing a best-in-class implementation for both PC and Mobile platforms this half.

What Is OpenXR?

OpenXR is a royalty-free open standard from The Khronos® Group created for the development of high-performance VR applications that run on multiple platforms. OpenXR aims to simplify VR development by enabling developers to reach more platforms while reusing the same code. To learn more about using OpenXR to develop VR apps, visit the OpenXR 1.0 Specification page at the Khronos website. Khronos also provides API reference documentation and a PDF reference guide that provides an overview of the API.

OpenXR for PC Development and Mobile SDKs

The Oculus PC and Mobile SDKs will include the resources necessary to use the Prototype OpenXR API for native C/C++ development of Oculus Rift Platform apps and Android apps for Oculus Quest respectively. OpenXR offers an alternative development path that allows developers to create portable code that can be used on devices from multiple vendors.

Stay tuned for more information when Prototype OpenXR ships in the weeks ahead!