Operation: Developer Feedback
Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
December 12, 2016

We recently launched a “Give Feedback” button in your Oculus Dashboard and have received a lot of input on how we can better improve your Oculus development experience. The main themes are clear:

  1. Give us more information
  2. Provide better support
  3. Improve the store submission process
  4. Update the documentation

We're listening and greatly appreciate the feedback. This post outlines some of the things we've launched based on your input and what we plan to release in the near future.

More Information: Developer Notifications

In an effort to organize all your important notifications from Oculus, we've added a new feature to your Oculus Dashboard. A lightning bolt has been added to the top navigation pane. Click it and you'll have instant access to important messages from Oculus about your developer account. These notifications will include information about your organization membership changes, Oculus Store submission status changes, Oculus Keys approval, and other pertinent information for a successful Oculus experience.

More Information: Regular Updates

In the New Year, you'll see a lot more content posted to our blog and forums where we'll share timely improvements, Oculus-produced guides and best practices, and insights from fellow developers.

Better Support: Support Page and Contact Form

We've set up a new Support page in the Developer Center to help you find the information you need and contact us directly. We've also added members to our support team to improve responsiveness and better support our developer community.

Better Support: Surveys and Sentiment

We've started a series of developer surveys to continue learning how we can further improve your experience. We'll use this feedback to prioritize upcoming development cycles. It will also serve as a baseline we'll use to monitor developer satisfaction as we implement these changes.

Improved Store Submission Process: Better Store Submission Documentation

Recently, we launched a new How We Review Your App section under “Learn” in the Developer Center to provide further clarity about our review process, including technical and content review requirements. In addition, all apps going through the review process now receive a detailed report of how they perform against our minimum technical requirements to be considered for publication on the Oculus Store. This gives developers a clear understanding of where their app stands during the technical review process and how they can improve if necessary.

Improved Store Submission Process: Faster Review Times

Over the past couple months, we've invested in resources and infrastructure specifically to improve your experience post-app submission. As a result, we've significantly reduced review wait time!

Looking Ahead

As we continue to build for the Oculus developer community (and hopefully more developer love), keep the feedback coming and stay tuned for documentation updates very soon.

— The Oculus Team