Touch Kits Available

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
November 15, 2016

In preparation for our upcoming Touch launch on December 6, we're increasing the number of complimentary kits available for developers. If you're currently building VR content, have a prototype or demo, and/or plan to add Touch capabilities to your existing apps, submit a Touch kit request here.

We'll actively select new developers and continuously send out Touch kits through the end of the year (while supplies last, of course).

More about Touch

Touch lets people bring their hands into VR for the most immersive experience possible. They can gesture intuitively and manipulate digital objects with precision—making their VR experiences more seamless and comfortable for a deeper sense of presence.

We've purposely made sure our consumer products also work as developer kits. Starting December 6, you may purchase Oculus Touch at stores worldwide or on the Oculus website.

We look forward to reviewing your hardware request!