Upcoming Changes to How You Log In for Development and Use Your Oculus Dashboard

Oculus Developer Blog
Posted by Oculus VR
August 18, 2020

Today, we announced some important updates to how people will log into their Oculus devices. You can read more about what this means for existing and future Oculus users and why we’re making these changes here.

We’d like to share what this update—which will take effect in October—means for developers. It’s important to note that this change will not require you to make changes to your apps, and customers will continue to be able to access your services whether they log into their devices with a Facebook account or Oculus account. This will, however, change how you log in for in-headset development and use your Oculus Developer Dashboard.

Logging In for In-Headset Development

Starting in October 2020, there will be two options for logging into your Oculus devices for development purposes with full testing and demoing functionality:

  • a Test User account

  • your personal Facebook account

Logging in with a Test User account will provide you with access to the apps uploaded by your organization and allow you to test features such as Entitlement Checks, In-App Purchases, and social features, in addition to playtesting your application. A Facebook account is not required to use a Test User account.

Logging in with a Facebook account will enable you to friend users outside of your organization and purchase content from the Oculus Store, which you can’t do with a Test User account. If you choose to log in with your personal Facebook account, you’ll need to merge it with your Oculus Developer account. It’s important to note that merging your Oculus Developer account with your personal Facebook account is a permanent change and cannot be reversed, similar to when a user merges their Oculus and Facebook accounts. Developers who decide to log in with a Facebook account can also use Test User accounts.

There will also be an option to continue logging into current devices for development purposes using your unmerged Oculus Developer account, but with limited functionality. For example, you will not be able to test new, updated, or social features, which require a Test User account or a Facebook account.

Logging Into Your Oculus Developer Dashboard

You can continue using your Oculus Developer account for access to your Oculus Developer Dashboard. If you choose to merge your Oculus Developer and Facebook accounts, you will log in with your Facebook account.

What’s Next

There is no action for developers at this time, but we wanted to give you plenty of advance notice that these changes are coming. If you’d like to create a Test User account, please check out our documentation with instructions on how to do so.

A Note on Oculus for Business and ISVs

There is no change to the Oculus for Business enterprise platform, which allows company admins to use Workplace accounts to manage their VR deployments. Today, most developers and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) providers employ their own custom account and login systems that will not be impacted. There is also no impact on the shared devices model, where device access doesn’t require an account. We’re working to introduce Workplace login for individual device access in 2021, and will have more updates to share next year.

For developers new to Oculus, this guide provides the steps to create a developer organization in your Oculus Dashboard.