Upcoming Oculus AMA w/ Developer Relations Engineering Lead, Matt Conte
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Posted by Oculus VR
April 26, 2019

We are excited to announce that our 2nd Ask me Anything of 2019 will feature the one and only Matt Conte, Oculus Developer Relations Engineering Lead. Matt is a tried and true game industry vet, initially coding games in assembly language for the GameBoy Color, and more recently working as an architect and principal engineer on Activision's cross-platform engine technology. In this AMA, Matt will be providing insights into VR game development, including how to ship across Rift/Quest/Vive/PSVR, best practices for motion controllers, cross-platform development for Unity and next gen standalone hardware. So join us Friday, May 3, 2019 from 12PM to 3PM U.S. Pacific time on the Oculus Developer Forum and check out our initial, 5 question Q&A w/ Matt below.

Matt Conte AMA: Developing Premium VR
Where: *Oculus Developer Forum
*You must log into developer.oculus.com to access the developer forum
When: Friday, May 3, 2019 from 12PM - 3PM PDT

What are the top 5 things you wish developers knew before creating a VR experience?

It's not so much the things I wish developers knew, but the things I encourage them to focus on:

- Leverage the unique advantage of hand presence

- Focus on game mechanics that are only possible in VR

- Pay attention to spatialized audio [Introduction to VR Audio SDK]

- Don’t be afraid to launch into Early Access and let the community give you valuable feedback.

(Check out the the Release Channels page for more information on your options for launch)

- Never forget the importance of haptic feedback!

What is a tool / feature that you’d like more VR developers to be aware of?

Our Command-Line Interface tool allows you to easily automate build uploads and maintenance to our dashboard, so you can build release channel management right into your continuous integration system, rather than having to do it manually through the web interface.

If this AMA wasn't about VR, what other topic would make sense for a Matt Conte Ask Me Anything? And why?

You could ask me anything about classic video games, since I love to play them. I own many early generation consoles and two arcade cabinets (Centipede and Q*bert).

As we continue through 2019 and into 2020, what are you most excited about in regards to VR Technology/Development?

I’m most excited about the new class of untethered, 6DOF VR experiences that Oculus Quest will allow developers to create. We’ve always known that 6DOF and hand presence really provide the most immersive experiences, but being completely untethered with Quest really takes it to the next level.

You can check out a full archive of our past AMAs on the Oculus Developer Forum AMA Page.

See you all Friday, May 3 for Matt's AMA!

- The Oculus Team