Rift Accessories Guidelines

This document provides design guidelines for physical and electrical interfaces on Oculus hardware products, which enables the development of compatible accessories.

When developing Rift accessories, consider the following general guidelines:

  • Avoid using LEDs in accessories mounted to the headset.
  • Keep in mind that comfort is paramount, as accessories will be used during immersive VR experiences which can add a dimension to traditional user experience.
  • Remember that the fit of accessories, including straps, not only impacts physical comfort in the headset, but can also impact how users experience content in VR.

3D CAD files available for download on the Misc Packages page.

  • Audio Module
    A VR audio system is designed to give users a sense of space and depth, enhancing the VR experience of presence.
  • Facial Interface
    The facial interface for the headset sets the proper viewing distance and enhances overall comfort while wearing.
  • Oculus Touch

  • Mixed Reality Capture Mount
    Dynamic mixed reality capture requires attaching a tracked VR Object (a modified Touch) to an external camera in order to capture real-world images before they can be combined with a scene generated by a VR application.