Managing Apps

The app page serves as a hub for many activities and communication regarding your app:

  • Upload and distribute app builds to customers or testers.
  • Define the customer-facing product descriptions of your app.
  • Monitor the progress of your app within the Oculus Store Review process.
  • Obtain the App ID you need to program into your app to enable Oculus Platform functions.
  • Create Oculus Platform IAP items, achievements, cloud storage buckets, leaderboards, and matchmaking pools.
  • See analytical statistics and charts depicting performance, usage, revenue, and errors.
  • Respond to user reviews.
  • Create software keys after your app has been approved for keys or the Oculus Store.

Creating an App Page

You can create Gear VR or Rift apps. Multi-platform apps need separate app pages for their Rift and Gear VR versions.

To create an app page in the Oculus Store:

  1. Log on to the Oculus Developer Dashboard at
  2. Click Create New App.
  3. Select Gear VR or Oculus Rift
  4. Enter the name of your app. The name is permanent and cannot be changed.

If you made a mistake naming your app, repeat the steps to create a new app using the correct name. You can delete the misnamed app from the My Apps page by clicking the X in the top-right corner of any app thumbnail.

Grouping Apps (optional)

Group apps together that share settings to simplify management and deploy universal changes.

Create a grouping:

  1. Log on to the Oculus Developer Dashboard at Choose the organization that contains the the app grouping you would like to edit, open the Settings menu, and select App Groupings.
  2. Click the Create a New App Grouping link. The Create App Grouping dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a name and select Submit. The new group will appear in the list.

Add apps:

  1. Hover over an app and select Migrate to another grouping. The Migrate Application dialog box appears.
  2. Select a destination group and click Submit. The app is moved to the new group and will inherit its settings.

Change group settings:

  1. Locate the App Grouping to update and select Manage to open the settings page for the App Grouping.
  2. Update the desired setting for the group. The changes will be made for all apps within that grouping.
  • Uploading Gear VR Apps
    Gear VR apps have a stringent set of packaging requirements and any app you upload must be packaged accordingly. The upload validator rejects apps that do not meet these requirements.
  • Uploading Rift Apps
    Rift apps are packaged as .zip files if uploading through the web interface. If uploading through the command line interface, your app is uploaded using its native file and folder structure. Uploads that do not meet these requirements are rejected by the upload validator.
  • Oculus Platform Command Line Utility
    The Oculus Platform Command Line Utility lets you upload builds to your release channels much faster than using the Oculus dashboard web interface. It also allows you to incorporate automated uploads into your existing build system.