Add or Delete Custom Release Channels

You can create additional release channels if you need more, or delete them when they are no longer needed.

New release channels are listed at the bottom of existing release channels. When creating or deleting release channels, keep these points in mind:

  • You cannot rename release channels. The names of your release channels are permanent.
  • You cannot reorder release channels. They appear in the list in the order you create them.
  • When you delete a release channel, any users that previously had entitlements through that channel will have their access revoked.

Create a custom release channel

To add a custom release channel:

  • In the Build Dashboard for your app, click Add Release Channel.
  • Provide a name, and optional description. Note that the channel name can contain numbers, letters or underscores, but should not include spaces.
  • Optionally make the channel public by checking the Enable public opt-in checkbox.
  • Click Submit

Delete a custom release channel

To delete a custom release channel:

  • Navigate to the Build Dashboard for your app.
  • Find the release channel to delete, and click the ellipses (...) in that row to show the context menu.
  • Choose Delete and Confirm.