Uploading Builds to a Release Channel

You can upload new builds to any release channel. New builds must have a higher version number than the last uploaded build.

Uploading an app to a release channel signifies that you are ready to release it to an audience even if that audience is a group of internal testers.

The first time you upload a build for your app, it goes into the Alpha channel. You can upload subsequent builds into any release channel you want, as long as it has a higher version number than the last build uploaded to any of the channels. The version number limitation applies across all the channels because it is possible for users to belong to more than one release channel.

Note: Uploading or copying a build to the Store channel does not automatically submit it for review. See App Upload and Store Submission.

To upload a build:

  1. Verify that your build meets the release packaging requirements for your platform. See the Rift Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Guidelines and the Mobile Virtual Reality Check (VRC) Guidelines.
  2. Verify that your build has a higher version number than the last build you have uploaded.
  3. Log on to https://dashboard.oculus.com.
  4. On the My Apps page, hover the mouse over an app and then click Manage Build.
  5. Click the Builds tab.
  6. Click (...) for the channel you want to upload the build into, and then select Upload New Binary.
  7. Click Choose File.
  8. If this is an Oculus Rift app, fill out the form and then click Upload.

The build is uploaded to the channel and is made available to all subscribed users.