App Name and Asset Best Practices

Typically your app will not be rejected for poor content design or assets. However, a well-thought-out experience is a benefit for you and your users.

This page will focus on suggestions for your app’s content. See the Best Practices guide for an in-depth look at what makes good VR.

Tips for Naming your App

Application names are one of the first items the review teams look at when they receive a submission. The name of an app should tie into your app story and hint towards the in app experience.

When deciding on an app name:

  • Consider the purpose of your application - what the app does or the experience within the app
  • Avoid adding “VR” and/or un-owned trademarks
  • Ensure the name of your app matches all logos and visual assets
  • Find specific guidelines for how you can use Oculus branding within your marketing and assets are available in the Oculus Brand Guidelines

Tips for App Assets

All visual assets need to have the same theme and background with the exception of the screenshots. Similar to your app name, image assets should give a clear indication of the expected user experience.

A comprehensive guide to our asset requirements can be found in the Store Asset Guidelines .

Tips for Video Trailer and Description

Video trailers are a great way to catch the eye of a consumer and show off your in-app experience. These videos are featured alongside your app on the Oculus Store. We recommend adding these assets to your own studio website and social channels. We’ve found that effective trailer videos are on the shorter side, 1-2 minutes max. Any trailers displayed on the Oculus platform should use Oculus hardware.

Your app description is also a great opportunity to engage new users. Make sure you highlight the key features, themes, and story points that make your app interesting.

Tips for Search Keywords

Keywords enable people to find your application based on search terms. You should choose three to five terms that best represent your application, and provide them for each language your app is offered in. You may not include names of applications or brands that are not owned by your organization. Note that keywords are required, meaning if you do not provide Search Keywords, your application will not be approved to launch.