Update Product Details for Published Apps

You can upload new versions of your app and update its product details at any time after your app is published to the Oculus Store.

Upload Updates to the Production Channel

When you upload a new build of a published app to the Production (Store) channel, the update gets processed immediately. If it passes the upload validator, it is automatically deployed to all users as an update. It is our general policy not to perform technical or content review for updates. However, if you have concerns about a major update and would like us to conduct another technical review, contact us using the Get Developer Support form.

Note: If you update the build in an app’s Production (Store) channel at the same time that you update the product details, the build update is applied immediately, but the product detail changes need to be reviewed before they are updated. The content review applies only to the product detail changes.

To upload a new version of your app:

  • Copy or upload a new build to the Production (Store) channel.

If you discover your new build has issues, replace the broken version by uploading the last-known-good version of your app as if it were a new version. This means you need to increment the build number, even if you are rolling back to an older build of the app.

Update Product Details

You might want to update its screenshots, descriptions, and other product details. Such changes must pass our content review process before they are updated on the Oculus Store.

There are some product details that we do not let you update after store submission. We consider the category, comfort level, age rating, ratings board, and price to be fundamental properties of your app. Contact Oculus using the Get Developer Support form if there are strong reasons for modifying these app details.

To make changes to your Oculus Store product details:

  1. Log on to https://developer.oculus.com/manage/.
  2. On the My Apps page, hover the mouse over the ellipses (...) for an image and then select Edit Details. The following image shows an example.

    app page

  3. Click the entry that you want to update (for example Build, Description, Specs, Additional Details, Assets). Note that you cannot change the category, comfort level, age rating, ratings board, and price for an app once it has been published in the store without prior approval.
  4. Make the desired changes.
  5. Click Save and Continue, and then Submit to view the Submission Overview page. Review and fix any issues and then click Submit to Store.

To schedule an Oculus Store content update for a specific date, contact us using the Get Developer Support form.