Upload an App and Provide App Details

The process for distributing your app begins by uploading your build to Oculus.

You may upload an app at any time during the development process, however there are some additional things to keep in mind when uploading for Oculus review.

  • You should plan to submit at least two weeks in advance of your target launch date to allow time for Oculus to review your app, and for you to make changes if necessary.
  • Your app will be reviewed against the Virtual Reality Check Guidelines (VRCs) for either Rift or Quest.
  • Your app content will be reviewed for production value, polish, and general utility or appeal. For more information, see Content Guidelines.

Once the review is complete, we will contact you with details about your placement on the Oculus Platform, verify that your assets and copy meet our design guidelines, and coordinate your release.

For an overview of the app review process, see Lifecycle of an Oculus VR App.

Create an App

The first step in the submission process is to create an app in the developer dashboard. For more information, see Create an App Page.

Upload an App Build

Before you upload an app for review, verify that your build meets the content and technical design requirements set in Designing for Distribution.

Afterwards, copy or upload your app to the Production channel. See Uploading Quest Apps or Uploading Rift Apps for information about how to upload the app packages.

Provide App Info and Assets

When you submit an app for Oculus review, you must also submit descriptions and assets for your app. You have the option of adding languages and providing a name, description and assets for localized versions of your app.

  1. Select App Submission in the App Manager navigation. The following image show the App Submission page.

    app submission page

  2. On the Description page provide details that display in your app’s product description page. If you have localized titles, descriptions and assets for your app, click the Manage Languages tab:
    1. Search and add new language(s) and then click Confirm.
    2. Select each language you added and for each fill in the App Name, Short Description, Long Description and optional Search Keywords with your localized content. Character limits display for each field, and are as follows:
      • Name: 80 characters
      • Short Description: 500 characters
      • Long Description: 1000 characters
    3. Click Save and Continue.
  3. Fill out all the fields in the Specs page, such as the Supported Player Modes, Supported Tracking Modes, Comfort Level, Internet Connection and more, and then click Save and Continue.
  4. Fill out the Additional Details page with publisher information such as Publisher Name, Website and Privacy Policy links. Click Save and Continue.
  5. Add the art assets required on the Assets page. For apps offered in additional languages, select each language in the drop-down, and add localized assets for that language. Then click Save and Continue.
  6. Choose or request an IARC certificate from the Content Rating page and then click Save and Continue.
  7. Specify a price on the Pricing page and then click Save and Continue. Please note that once your app has been approved, you will not be able to make any changes to the app MSRP.
  8. Click Save and Continue.

Review Summary and Submit Your App

The Submit Your App page provides a summary of all of the app information.

  1. Review and correct any errors on the Submit Your App page. Any errors are identified with red, and descriptions. Click Fix to navigate to the correct page.
  2. When all errors are resolved and you are satisfied with your app information, click Submit for Review.

If you submit your app for review to the Oculus Review Team, you should receive email confirmation. If you do not receive email confirmation, your app may not have been successfully submitted.

Track Review Progress

Once submitted, you’ll be able to track the review progress:

  • Submitted - your app has been received by Oculus. If you need to make changes, you have one hour before it changes to “Under Review”.
  • Under Review - we are checking that your app meets our requirements to be published on the Oculus Platform. While under review you won’t be able to make updates to the build, copy, assets, and so on. If you need to make changes, contact us using the Get Developer Support form.
  • Changes Requested - changes are required to the app. You’ll receive an email with specifics on what you need to change.

Review Process

The review process consists of three parts: Technical Review, Content Review, and Publishing Review.

The technical review verifies that the app conforms to our Virtual Reality Check (VRC) guidelines for Rift or Quest, which includes things like meeting performance targets and Oculus-specific integrations such as entitlement checks and reserved interactions. The results of these tests are shown in the developer dashboard and also sent to you by email.

During the content review phase, we evaluate apps based on their production value, polish, utility, and entertainment value.

The third phase is publishing review, where we may discuss details for your app release such as launch date, price, and assets. Oculus may make recommendations to any of these areas to maximize the impact of your launch.

You will receive email as we complete each part of the process. When we request updates or changes, we will move your submission into “Changes Requested” status with an explanation of what you need to do. In order to proceed, resolve the issue and then resubmit the application to us. If you have any questions, send us a message using the Get Developer Support form and we’ll clarify your next steps. You can also email us if your submission is locked in “under review” status and you’d like us to put it into “changes requested” so that you can make updates.

Post Review

After the review has been completed, we’ll update your status to one of the following:

  • Approved: Your app is ready to publish. Oculus may coordinate the date and time of your future release with you. If you need to make updates to the build please wait until your app has gone live.
  • Published: Your app is published and live on the Oculus Platform.
  • Approved for keys: Your Rift app is approved to take advantage of the Oculus platform, but we will not provide discovery and marketing within the Oculus Store. Common reasons why apps are approved for keys are when the content is too advertorial, there’s no compelling consumer use case, or the app is so low quality that it doesn’t really work.
  • Rejected: Rejections are rare and used only when apps break policies regarding security, adult content, and other serious violations.

After App Release

After the review is complete and your app is released, you can update your app binary without going through additional review. The moment you upload or copy a new version of your app binary to the Production release channel, the app is pushed out to all existing users of your app immediately and without review. Please review the Update Published Apps for more information about updating apps that have already been published.

However, updates to the app metadata (banner images, descriptions, trailers, etc.) require a review. This review will take 1-2 business days after submission.