Customer Reviews

You can respond to customer reviews from the Review tab in the Oculus Dashboard.

When you respond to reviews, be sensitive not only to this customer but also to potential future customers. A response that seems callous or condescending can affect future downloads and sales. Before you respond, make sure to read the review thoroughly and that you understand the issue.

You should be genuine and helpful in your replies. For example:

“I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the app.”

is much better than:

“I’m sorry you aren’t smart enough to figure out the app.”

Then, follow-up by explaining the issue and the solution:

“We had an issue where the app crashed on Note 6 devices running Marshmallow.”

“We’ve fixed the issue in the latest update.”

See Your Reviews

To see the reviews for your app, go to

  • In the left-hand navigation, find User Reviews.
  • Use the selector at the top right of the page to see reviews by Most Helpful, Most Recent or Most Critical.
  • Optionally download the reviews as a TSV file.

Respond to a Review

To respond to a review, find the review you want to respond to and in the Response column and click Respond to enter or update your response.