Applications that can be used in sitting or standing mode should provide a setting to enable users to perform all interactions and access information from a fixed position.

Required - No, recommended

Additional Details

For more information, see VR Accessibility Design: Controls and Interactions.

When you submit your app, you must confirm that your app complies with the requirements for one or more of the following play modes:

Sitting: The app must be completely playable while seated. Standing: The app must be completely usable within a 7’ x 5’ play area.

Steps to Test

To test Manually:

  1. Launch the title
  2. Play through several levels of the application and verify that you can grab objects while physically stationary

Expected Result

Sitting: No action requires you to stand or reach down to the ground. Standing: You are able to interact with all game elements while standing. If interacting with items on the floor, you must implement distance grabbing.