Single player apps must pause when the user removes the headset or opens the Universal Menu.

Required for App Lab

Required for Quest Store

Additional Details

Note: Not required for multiplayer apps.

In Unity, you should see OnApplicationPause(true) called both when the HMD sleeps after dismount, as well as when the display is turned off from the power button.

This will be matched by a corresponding OnApplicationPause(false) when the headset is remounted, or the power button is hit again to turn on the display.

Things that cause OnApplicationPause(true) to occur:

  • Pressing Oculus button (system UI)
  • Pressing Power button to turn off display
  • Dismounting headset and waiting more than 10 seconds
  • Moving outside of Guardian boundary

Steps to Test

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Take off the HMD.

Expected Result

App should pause or react within the amount of time configured under Settings > Power > Auto Sleep on the HMD.