Apps must be focus-aware. They must continue rendering while the Universal Menu is up, hide any user hands or controllers, and ignore all input.

Required for App Lab

Required for Quest Store

Additional Details

An app that is focus-aware allows the Oculus system UI to appear as an overlay on top of an app without pausing the app. If an app is not focus-aware, users see a system-provided environment instead of seeing the Oculus system UI as an overlay over their app. For more information, see:

Steps to Test

  1. Press the Oculus menu button on the controller.
  2. Observe: if the Universal Menu appears on top of the currently running and rendering app, it is configured to be focus aware. If instead you see a system-provided environment, the app is not focus-aware.
  3. Observe the app rendering.
  4. Move the Touch Controllers around and click buttons.

Expected Result

Users should only be able to interact with the Universal Menu overlay elements while the app continues to render in the background.

To avoid duplicate interactions, in-app hand or controller movement should not render while the Universal Menu is up.