Applications that stream interactive, immersive VR content must ensure that positional tracking responds consistently at the refresh rate of the headset, regardless of the effective frame rate of the streamed application.

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Additional Details

It is difficult to guarantee the performance and latency of streamed VR interactive content due to high variability of the end user’s environment. Therefore, apps that stream immersive VR content should take steps to protect the user from low framerate or high latency situations, which may be uncomfortable. For example, an app might choose to fade to a safe, high-performance environment when the streaming source becomes unreliable.

Steps to Test

  1. Launch the title and connect to the streaming source.
  2. Simulate a low quality content stream by disconnecting or otherwise interfering with the streamed data.

Expected Result

The in-headset experience should not freeze, drop frames, or judder, even if the streamed content must be hidden to maintain smooth head tracking.