OVRLipSync requires Unity 5.x Professional or Personal or later, Unity 4.x Professional, targeting Android or Windows platforms, running on Windows 7, 8 or 10. OS X 10.9.5 and later are also currently supported. See Unity Compatibility and Requirements for details on our recommended versions.

The Legacy Oculus Spatializer Plugin (OSP) for Unity is required (available from our Downloads page), and a minimum installation of this spatializer is included with the OVRLipSync download, providing the spatialization support necessary for this asset. The Legacy OSP included with this release can work alongside either the Legacy OSP for Unity or our Native OSP for Unity. It is provided to supply necessary functionality for OVRLipSync and is not intended as a replacement for the full OSP for Unity (available from our Downloads Page).

The Native OSP for Unity does not currently support audio pre-processing, which is required by the viseme analysis for the highest possible signal strength from the input. Future versions of OVRLipSync will address this issue when pre-processing (or ‘insert’ effects) is available within a native audio source.