Viseme Reference

Oculus Lipsync maps human speech to a set of mouth shapes, called “visemes,” which are a visual analog to phonemes. Each viseme depicts the mouth shape for a specific set of phonemes. Over time these visemes are interpolated to simulate natural mouth motion. Below we give the reference images we used to create our own demo shapes. For each row we give the viseme name, example phonemes that map to that viseme, example words, and images showing both mild and emphasized production of that viseme. We hope that you will find these useful in creating your own models. For more information on these 15 visemes and how they were selected, please read the following documentation: Viseme MPEG-4 Standard

Animated example

This is the model we created using the below reference images and use in the sample scene.

Reference images

You can click each image to view in larger size. Only a subset of phonemes are shown for each viseme.

Viseme NamePhonemesExamplesMild ProductionEmphasized Production3/4 Rotation
sil neutral (none - silence)
PP p, b, m put, bat, mat
FF f, v fat, vat
TH th think, that
DD t, d tip, doll
kk k, g call, gas
CH tS, dZ, S chair, join, she
SS s, z sir, zeal
nn n, l lot, not
RR r red
aa A: car
E e bed
I ih tip
O oh toe
U ou book
Viseme Reference Table