Use the DAW Plugin

We recommend assigning the Oculus Spatializer to your DAW tracks as an insert effect. Any sound that plays through this track will then be globally affected by the spatialization process.

VU Indicator

The green line above the 2D screen indicates the amplitude of detected audio signals from left to right in volume units (VU), providing a clear visual indication that signal is being sent to the spatializer.

HMD Tracking in DAW (Rift Only)

If an Oculus Rift is plugged into your DAW workstation when you load the plugin, a green arrow on the 2D screen will indicate the position and direction of the Rift relative to the spatialized audio source (shown above).

To reset the Rift to the default position (0,0,0) and orientation (pointing down the negative Z-axis), click Config in the upper-left and then click the Reset Rift button at the bottom of the window.