How to Use the Oculus Spatializer in FMOD Studio

You can quickly get set up to use the Oculus Spatializer and Oculus Ambisonics in FMOD.

Use the Oculus Spatializer

  1. Create a new event. In FMOD Studio, go to Events, and select New Event.

  2. Find and select the event’s master track.

  3. Select and delete the 3D Panner.

  4. Add the Oculus Spatializer plugin. In the event deck, choose Add Effect > Plug-in Effects > Oculus Spatializer.

Use Oculus Ambisonics

The Oculus FMOD Spatializer supports Oculus Ambisonics in the AmbiX (ACN/SN3D) format. You must use the this feature with 4-channel ambisonic tracks.

To apply Oculus Ambisonics to an event:

  • Select the master track. In the FMOD event deck, right click and select Add Effect > Plug-in Effects > Oculus Ambisonics.

Make sure the input to the ambisonic plugin is 4 channels. The following image shows an audio track with the Oculus Ambisonics plugin applied.