Integrate the Oculus Spatializer for Wwise in Your App

If you want to integrate Wwise libraries and plugin registrations within your application code, follow these steps.

Add the Spatializer Files

Copy OculusSpatializerWwise.dll found within (PLATFORM)\bin\plugins folder into the folder where the Wwise-enabled application .exe resides. This allows the Wwise run-time to load the plugin when Wwise initialization and registration calls are executed. For example, if you are using UE4, place the plugin into the following folder: UE4\Engine\Binaries\(Win32 or Win64).

If you are using the PC SDK, you need to add initialization code.

  1. Find the OculusSpatializer.h file in Include directory of the download package.
  2. In this file, copy the code (commented out in this file) between // OCULUS_START and // OCULUS_END. Paste it in your code where the Wwise run-time is being initialized.

The spatializer assumes that only one listener is being used to drive the spatialization. The listener is equivalent to the user’s head location in space, so please be sure to update as quickly as possible. See Wwise documentation for any caveats on placing a listener update to an alternative thread from the main thread.

Unity Integration

For applications that use Unity, follow the standard Wwise/Unity integration steps for third party plug-ins which is defined by Audiokinetic. Visit Audiokinetic’s site for more information.