Audio SDK 0.10 Release Notes

This document provides an overview of new features, improvements, and fixes included in the latest version of the Oculus Audio SDK.


Overview of Major Changes

The Oculus Audio SDK consists of a set of plugins for popular middleware and engines; the Oculus Spatializer VST plugin for content authors; and documentation to assist developers that want to incorporate realistic spatialized audio in their VR-enabled applications and games.

Currently the Oculus Audio SDK supports Mac, Windows, and mobile platforms, and provides integrations with:

  • FMOD (Windows, Mac and mobile)
  • Audiokinetic Wwise (Windows)
  • Unity 4.6 and later (Windows, Mac, and mobile)

The optional OVRAudio C/C++ SDK is available to qualified developers by contacting developer support directly.

New Features

  • Unity Plugin
    • Works with Unity 4 Free.
    • Defaults to 'slow' audio path for reliability.
  • Wwise plugin
    • Removed dependency on VS2013 CRTL.
  • FMOD plugin
    • Significant crash bug/reliability improvements.
    • Added Mac support.
    • Removed dependency on VS2013 CRTL.
  • VST
    • Finalized user interface.
    • Now available for Mac.
  • OVRAudio (internal only)
    • Changed from bool returns to error code returns.
    • Added debug output.
    • Added 16 kHz support.
    • Removed Bass Boost option.

API Changes

  • OVRAudio (internal only)
    • Added ovrAudio_SetAudioSourcePropertyf().
    • Added ovrAudio_SetUserConfig().

Bug Fixes

  • Unity plugin
    • Removed AndroidManifest, which was causing conflicts with user's existing manifests.
    • Fixed various bugs.
  • Wwise plugin
    • Fixed various crash bugs.

Known Issues

  • This is still a preview release, so expect a lot of bugs and other minor issues!