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Developer Mode: Running Apps Outside of the Gear VR Headset

To run a VR application without loading your mobile device into a headset, you must enable Developer Mode.

It is often convenient during development to run VR applications without needing to insert your device into the Gear VR headset, which can be a time-consuming process during development.

When Developer Mode is enabled, any Oculus application on your mobile device will launch with distortion and stereoscopic rendering applied without inserting the device into a headset. Devices in Developer Mode implement limited orientation tracking using phone sensors. Orientation tracking may be disabled with the appropriate setting to System Properties or Local Preferences (see Android System Properties and Local Preferences for details).

Enable Developer Mode

Note: Before enabling Developer Mode, you must have previously built an apk signed with your osig file and installed it to your device. Otherwise, you will see an error message saying "You are not a developer!"
  1. Go to Settings > Application Manager
  2. Select Gear VR Service
  3. Select Manage Storage
  4. Click on VR Service Version several times until the Developer Mode toggle shows up
  5. Toggle Developer Mode
Note: If you do not see the Developer Mode toggle switch after tapping VR Service Version several times, close Gear VR Service and relaunch, and you should see it.