Mobile SDK Getting Started Guide

The Oculus Mobile SDK includes libraries, tools, and resources for native Mobile development.

SDK Contents

  • VrApi for third-party engine integration (not required for Unity or Unreal).
  • Native application framework for building high-performance VR applications from scratch.
  • Additional libraries providing support for GUI, locale, and other functionality.
  • Native project sample applications and source to provide reference model for creating your own VR applications.
  • Tools and resources to assist with native development.

Mobile SDK Intro Documentation

  • Getting Started Guide: A one-time guide to environment setup.
  • Mobile Development Basics: Information every developer should know about Oculus mobile development. Every developer should read through this guide.

Native Developers

Most of the Mobile SDK guide is written for native developers. Complete the setup described in the Getting Started Guide, then move on to the Native Development Overview.

Unity and Unreal Developers

Mobile developers working with Unity and Unreal should begin with Mobile Development with Unity and Unreal, as setup and development differ substantially from native setup and development.

Platform Features

Mobile applications may use our Platform SDK (available separately from our Downloads page) to add features related to security (e.g., entitlements), community (e.g., rooms, matchmaking), revenue (e.g., in-app purchases), and engagement (e.g., leaderboards). For more information, see our Platform SDK documentation.

Application Submission

For information on preparing to submit your mobile VR application to Oculus for distribution through the Oculus Store, see our Publishing Guide.

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