Testing and Troubleshooting

Welcome to the testing and troubleshooting guide.

This guide describes tools and procedures necessary for testing and troubleshooting mobile VR applications.

  • Tools and Procedures
    Welcome to the testing and troubleshooting guide.
  • Oculus Remote Monitor
    The Oculus Remote Monitor client connects to VR applications running on remote devices to capture, store, and analyze data streams.
  • OVR Metrics Tool
    OVR Metrics Tool is an application that provides performance metrics for Oculus mobile applications.
  • Android Debugging
    This document describes utilities, tips and best practices for improving debugging for any application on Android platforms. Most of these tips apply to both native and Unity applications.
  • Application Performance Analysis
    A guide to performance analysis during mobile VR application development.
  • Native Debugging
    This guide provides basic recommendations for working with the Oculus Mobile SDK in Android Studio and Gradle, and is intended to supplement the relevant Android Studio documentation.